What if my swimming lessons fall on rainy day?

For group lesson that meet thunderstorm and lightning will be doing physical training and/or be postponed until safe weather conditions prevail. Please note that lesson will be conducted as usual under drizzling rain.

Are your swim coaches certified & proficient in handling kids?

All our Big Starfishers are fully qualified with the relevant certifications from the Singapore Sports Council and are registered under National Registry of Coaches (NROC). Thy are well trained and very experienced in conducting swimming lessons for your precious one.

What is the maximum size of the group lesson?

Maximum of 10 students per class

How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim ?

There is no universal answer to it as different individuals have the different skills and abilities. The process of learning to swim depends on many factors such as practice frequency, consistency of lessons, fear of water, starting age, natural abilities and types of classes (Group / Private). Teaching a child to swim is an investment in the child’s safety, physical and emotional well being and in helping them acquire a lifelong skill. In Big Starfish, we ensure ethe learning process to swim will be fun and customized to each child's pace.

Do I need to be in the pool together with my kid?

There is no need for parents to be in the pool with the kid. You are welcome to observe the lesson near the pool.

My child has history of asthmatic. Is he and/or she suitable to learn swimming ?

Swimming is one of the best ways to control the smptoms of asthma and reduce the reliance on medication. Other than the expanding of the lung capacity, the children also gain a greater ability to control their breathing by holding thier breath. However, we highly recommend a doctor's opinion to be sought first as there are varying degrees of asthma.

Will there be any make-up class if my kid could not attend a particular lesson?

In Big starfish, we are flexible with our schedule. For both group and private classes, your kid is allowed to join another class in the same week, subject to the coach's availability. Do inform the coach 1 day in advance so that we have sufficient time to re-arrange a class for your kid.

How many lessons are there per month?

There are total 4 lessons per month, each lesson is estimate 60 minutes.

What is the age range for kids swimming class?

Children aged 5 years and above.

What are the items I have to prepare for the kid swimming lesson?

You need to prepare the following items for your kid: 1) Own swim gear 2) Swimming goggles 3) Towel 4) Shower amenities 5) Any medication needed such as Asthma inhalers Our Big Starfishers may advise you further after the first lesson.

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