Kids Swimming Class Details

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Singapore as it brings lots of health benefits to your child. It is a fantastic aerobic activity to get your kid's heart pumping!

Physical Health

  • Excellent cardiovascular workout that promote hear and lung health.

  • Improves strength & flexibility.

  • Increase stamina

  • Improves balance & posture

  • Prevent childhood obesity

  • Low-impact aquatic exercise which put lesser strain on joints & connective tissues.

Emotional Health

  • Natural buoyancy of the water is more relaxing.​

  • Combat depression 

  • Increases well-being & self-confidence 

  • Development of the social skills & behaviours of the child.

  • Foster the development of cooperation & teamwork, which builds strong friendships. 


  • Drowning is one of the causes of death in children in Singapore.

  • Statistic has shown the number of near-drowning cases involving children has gone up in the past five years in Singapore

  • Drowning deaths can occur within minutes and even if the child survives, there may be permanent brain damage.

Group Lessons

$70 per Month (incl. GST) Duration: 60 minutes per lesson Per Month: 4 lessons Class Size: 10 students maximum

Private Classes

Duration: 60 minutes per lesson Per Month: 4 lessons Class Size: 5 students maximum Weekdays & Weekends available At your preferred location

Class Policy 

For both Group Class & Private Class !

  • Schedule is fixed for 4 consecutive weeks lesson for both Group Class & Private Class. 

  • If required, the school might re-allocate the students to a more suitable class to ensure good learning experience with parents' approvals.

  • The lesson will be conducted as usual under drizzling rain condition.

  • In cases where the temporal pool closure, the instructor will continue in the form of a dry land strength training swim workout, educating on water safety theory, or Q&A session. 

  • There will be no compensation or make-up lesson if the pool is closed due to bad weather. However, the Big Starfishers will stand by to continue the lesson as quickly as the pool is deemed safe for swimming. 

  • Once our Big Starfishers think the students are ready for SwimSafer assessment, students will be invited to participate. Take note that parents will be responsible to register and pay for their test fees involved, if interested to participate in the assessment. 

  • There will be no make-up lessons for absenteeism.

  • The students are required to pay for their entrance fee to the public pools.

  • All students are required to prepare their own swimming equipment. [ i.e. swimming attire, goggles, swim cap, shower amenities etc ] for lessons.

For Private Lessons @ Private Pools !

  • If classes is to conduct at your condo's pool, parents will need to check with the management to see if any paperwork is required from us. 

  • In cases where deposit is required by the condo's management, the amount will have to be borne by the students.

  • Postponement of classes, NOT due to bad weather, the students are required to inform their respective coaches at least 1 day in advance. 

  • Lessons might be forfeited if the students failed to inform the coaches in time. However, our Big Starfishers will try our best to rearrange a make-up class for the students.